Breakfast and Dessert Crêpes

I don’t know about you, but I cannot walk past a Crêperie and not partake in indulging in a dessert crêpe. Maybe it can be attributed to my French ancestry or just because they are so darn yummy, but I have always loved these delicious, thin, pancakes stuffed and topped with sweetness. Unfortunately, however, it’sContinue reading “Breakfast and Dessert Crêpes”

Baked Cinnamon and Sugar Apples

By now, you probably know that I largely associate food with memories. For me, the smell of warm, baked, apples takes me back to my childhood. An apple pie baking in the oven on a Fall or Winter day is the most comforting reminder of my cherished life in my younger years. That’s why whenContinue reading “Baked Cinnamon and Sugar Apples”


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