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Hi there! I’m Sarah…

Welcome to my home! Allow me to introduce myself. First and foremost, I am a God-fearing woman who is abundantly grateful for each blessing I have been given in this life. I’m a wife to my handsome, loving, (add endless superlatives here _____) husband, André; mother to my amazing, intelligent, beautiful baby girl, Sky Amoré; stepmother to two awesome, caring and talented boys, André and Mason; daughter to literally the best parents a girl could have dreamed up, Augie and Roxanne; sister to an incredible big brother, Matthew, Aunt to the most adorable, squeezable little man, Bennie; professional and just recently, a new blogger. I have a fierce passion for an array of projects, including designing, building, decorating (and sometimes re-decorating) every inch of my home, cleaning, organizing, cooking, baking, entertaining, drawing, painting, landscaping, gardening, etc. I am also a true lover of fashion, handbags, accessories of almost any kind and HIGH HEELS (my goodness…I LOVE HIGH HEELS)!

By day, I work for the most amazing Land Developer/Custom Home Builder in Central Pennsylvania. By night (and weekend of course), I’d like to think I morph into a Martha Stewart/Joanna Gaines hybrid (I absolutely love and admire these women for so many reasons).

Two and a half years ago, on one of the best days of my life, I gave birth to my baby girl. We named her Sky, which incidentally is spelled with my initials. My outlook on life instantaneously changed on that day. Suddenly I was concerned with things like my health, so I can be around to see her grow, my character, so she has a strong female role model to build her character off of, and among so many other things, my legacy, so she can look back and reminisce on many memories of her Mama. As she has grown and developed over these last two and a half years, I have included her in everything I do…right down to putting my makeup on in the morning. If she doesn’t come out of this life knowing everything I know and a million more things, I will have failed her as her mom. She is the reason I decided to start this blog. I’ve always said I wanted to do it, but I’ve always had another project on my list that made me too busy to stop and make time for it. Now I realize, Sky is my legacy. She loves doing the things I do…cleaning, cooking, spackling, painting, decorating, etc. and that’s why you will see her right by my side in my posts, creating our legacy together.

Something you should know about me before you embark on reading/watching my posts is that I am unapologetically excessive! I’m the girl that buys the shirt (and high heels and handbags) in every color they come in (even if I only ever plan on wearing the black one-because let’s be real, the black one will always look the best). When I begin a project, I tirelessly search local hardware stores and the web until I find the PERFECT, unique mix of the coolest materials there are before I proceed. My recipes are rarely the 30-minute meals you might be searching for weekday, after work grazing (although I have some), but I promise you, you will rarely ever have to add salt to bring out the flavor! I may or may not also have seven fully decorated trees in my home around Christmas time, and depending on when you read this bio, that number might have grown!

The projects I complete around my house are usually a culmination of mashed up ideas I’ve extracted from HGTV, the amazing model homes my company produces, and the creativity swirling around in my head. Sometimes, projects emerge through necessity, like NEEDING an upgrade to a pantry, whose wire shelving was screaming under the weight of a little too much stuff. Other times, I like to create systems or environments that make my day run just a bit smoother. Either way, I want to share my vision with all of you and hopefully inspire you all in some way to create your own vision and to see it through.

I am extremely fortunate to be blessed with such talented, supportive parents! When I was a child, they were flipping houses before flipping houses was even a thing, and my brother and I were right there by their sides learning everything they were willing to teach us. WE HATED IT and WE HATED HOME IMPROVEMENT STORES, but my-oh-my how things have changed! Back then, my mother was the visionary, and my father was the tool-slinger. Not much has really changed, except, it’s my visions we are generally working on now. My father knows how to build the things I dream up. He is my craftsman and handyman and the first guy I turn to with an idea for a new project. If I can draw it and tell him the measurements, he can build it! While I have largely taken over as the visionary, my mother has settled in as my All-Star Project Manager. She writes the lists to keep us on schedule and makes sure to tell us when we are falling short on deadlines. The feeling that I get from seeing a project through to its final touch is overwhelmingly indescribable (I’m a Cancer, so my emotional intelligence is always thriving and intricately spun into everything I do). When I add in working side-by-side with the people I love to create something that I dreamed up, it’s my Super Bowl winning touchdown high.

I have adopted a simple principle in my life…that anything worth doing is worth doing to the BEST of my ability. I am grateful every day for the talents, ability and motivation that God has given me and until my last breath, I plan on sharing them with this world. I am so excited for you to join me in truly believing every day that The SKY is the Limit! – Sarah Kimberly Young

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