STOP Wasting Your Money on Strawberries

Do you like throwing your money away? No? Neither do I, but I feel like I have wasted an exorbitant amount of money on strawberries this year. We love strawberries in our house, but I have not been able to keep any of them longer than a couple of days before several of them have started to spoil. It’s been a rarity that we have been able to enjoy every strawberry in the container from beginning to end for quite some time now. This has been really frustrating, so of course, I did a little research to see how I could save my strawberries, and in turn, my money and now I am about to share with you how you can Stop Wasting Your Money on Strawberries!

So what did my research turn up? Well, what I continuously found in numerous threads, posts, pages, etc. on this subject is that storing your strawberries in Mason Jars does the trick. So we tried it and…it works! For the first time in a very long time, we were able to enjoy every…single…strawberry in the pack and they stayed just as fresh as the day I purchased them for up to 3 weeks! They may have lasted longer, but we ate them all by then, so I can’t really speak on that.

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So how do you properly prepare the strawberries before storing them in your Mason Jars? This is where the information online is all over the map; wash them, don’t wash them, cut them, don’t cut them, soak them in a vinegar bath, etc. I was fortunate enough that my first choice in this matter worked for us. We washed them and kept them whole! But then we dried them extremely well before loading them into our jars.

The process was extremely simple! Just throw all of the strawberries into a large colander. Then rinse them thoroughly with hot water. I literally rinsed each strawberry individually. Let the strawberries sit in your colander to make sure you drain as much water as possible out of them before turning them out onto a large dish towel. Then get to work drying each strawberry well before placing it into the Mason Jar. During this process, make sure that you remove any strawberries that have mold on them or that are bruised or feel mushy. One moldy strawberry can spoil the bunch! Fill the Mason Jars loosely rather than forcing too many into each jar, as this can result in you bruising your strawberries which will increase the likelihood of them spoiling quicker. That’s all there is to it to be able to enjoy your strawberries right down to the very last one in the pack and Stop Wasting Your Money on Strawberries!

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