Christmas in July – Elves on the Shelf Deliver a Surprise

Years ago when my step-children were much younger, they asked if Santa was going to send them an Elf on the Shelf to check up on them during the Christmas season. That year, sure enough, two elves (a boy and a girl) and an elf pet (reindeer) showed up at our house the day after Thanksgiving. My step-children named the boy Bob, the girl Natalia, and the reindeer Fifi. They arrived with a book that explained all about them. The book explained that the elves on the shelf were sent to watch over my step-children and that each night, they would use their magic to travel back to the North Pole to give Santa their report for the day. After we read their story, they began traveling to a different location within our house every…single…day and then at night, they would disappear!

My step-children loved searching for their elves on the shelf every morning to see where they were going to be, and each night, I ANXIOUSLY ANTICIPATED what they might be doing the next day. After a couple of years hanging around our house between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, they started hacking into my digital photo albums and creating photo books of all of their shenanigans for that year. I, of course, provided them with a more-than-adequate amount of photos to choose from, as I was constantly taking photos of the crazy things they would do. On Christmas day, their photo book would be under the tree for my step-children. It was such a magical experience for everyone. Unfortunately, a few years ago, my youngest step-child stopped believing in Santa, and suddenly, our elves stopped showing up during the Christmas season. It was a bit heart-breaking, because they had truly become a part of our family.

The Christmas after I gave birth to Sky the elves on the shelf reappeared! They were back and brought an girl elf baby with them, who remained nameless until Sky was able to talk and finally called her “Silly Bean”. Immediately, their Shenanigans began again. It was so great to have them back! Their first two Christmas’s back I was expecting to see their photo book under the tree on Christmas, but it never arrived. The 2021 Christmas season was just the same…no book. Sky was a bit more aware of who they were this past Christmas season and after they returned to the North Pole, she began asking about them all the time, wondering when they were coming back. Sure enough, one night in July when Sky’s Daddy took her to the pool so I could get some work done, I caught them in my office making a Photo Book. They had it waiting for Sky when she arrived home and it was such a heart-warming experience that I was so grateful to catch on video. She had a Mini-Christmas-in-July!

Why do I tell you this story? Well, because I have a slew of photos to share with you when this year’s holiday season approaches! My hope is that, in sharing with you some of the things our elves have done in the past, I might alleviate that nightly ANXIOUS ANTICIPATION for some of you parents out there, because you’ll have a better idea of where to look for them in the morning! Stay tuned, because we are just a few months away from the holiday season!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July – Elves on the Shelf Deliver a Surprise

  1. This is adorable Sarah! Sky is such a lucky little lady to have you as her momma. I truly hope she gets your motivation, inquisitive mind, caring heart, intelligence, and your artistic talents. (I’d say your love for heels but I’ve seen photos that makes it quite obvious she already has that in her Michael Kors bag haha).
    I thank you for your ever giving generosity and your willingness to share your adventures, ideas, and whatever your many talents bring about.

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you! That means so much! She seriously is the light of my life and she certainly already has a love for cooking, baking, fashion and my heels…I’m hoping that persists! LOL Thanks so much for your support! We are so grateful!

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